” The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears or the sea.

I have always found this quote by Isak Dinesen so inspiring. We all know the value of hard work and the power of tears. But i love that she included the restorative and calming magic of the sea. The salt water connects us to a primeval energy and hidden rhythm that takes us to a truth in ourselves.

It is why we cruise, why we are drawn to the sea and why we usually feel refreshed, renewed and  empowered by a cruise. I have written why cruising for me is addictive. Do you agree?

Do you feel restored and healed by a cruise. Have there been real moments of transformation and learning? Have you returned from a cruise with a new sense of purpose and direction? Please leave your comments in the section below. Let’s have a conversation here or on Instagram or our She Cruises Facebook Page 

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