More people search on the internet for “cheap cruise fares” more than any other phrase. It is a kind of game and many people love the hunt! I certainly love it!

The challenge is that anything I could write here would be out of date 2 seconds later, so I don’t want to waste your time by listing any of the great cruise deals that are waiting for you on some wonderfully well-established sites.

So, here are the ones that I know and have found to be recommended by cruise bloggers that I trust. Always do your own homework however!

 For Great Cruise Deals. Period

Cruise Deals

Cruise Direct

Cruise Nation

Cruise Sheet

Vacations to Go

For Great Deals for Solo Cruisers

This is one site that I find useful especially for solo traveller deals.

Passion for Cruises (UK)

Reviews, Deals and Cruises

This really is my personal go-to site for reviews and also deals, new cruise ships and tips and advice about cruising. There are many others. Perhaps you have a favourite?

Cruise Critic

Solo Travel in General

Many agencies specialising in solo travel are popping up everywhere. Here are two to consider.

Just You

Solo Traveler World

Great Deals and Tips for Solo Women Cruisers

There are some fabulous websites by women for women. Here are two of my favourites!

Solo Traveller World

Women on the Road

Cruise Lines That Love Solo Cruisers

There are many cruise lines now starting to accommodate solo travellers. Here are a few that I am familiar with and recommend.


Fred Olsen



Saga Cruises

Cruise Advisers

Trip Savvy

Nomadic Matt

Cruise Radio

Niche Cruise Websites

In addition to the large cruise aggregators, there are a number of smaller websites with special offering for solo cruisers.

Aggregator Websites

While aggregator websites sound complex, they are actually just search engine for travel bookings.

Booking Through Cruise Line Websites

It used to be that if you wanted to book a cruise, you’d visit a travel agent or call up the cruise line. This is still a great way to book a cruise, but if you want to go direct, here are some specific websites that have offers for solo cruisers.

Fred Olsen


MSC Cruises



Royal Caribbean

Viking Cruises


Do you have a favourite cruise line that is offers great cheap deals for solo travellers? Please share! Let’s have a conversation!

Let's Have a Conversation!