As a solo woman traveler looking for the best cruise, it’s useful to take the time to check out the travel companies that offer cruises as part of their business model. Many companies have a “single” option for cruises but that is often, but not always, designed for a younger partying crowd. Travel Companies that use the word “solo” cruises are usually targeting a more mature group of travelers.

Cruise Solo and Make New Friends with Friendship Travel

Friendship Travel offers a large variety of tours and destination all around the world. Some of their Cruise Holidays for Singles include voyages to Barbados Caribbean, Spain, Turkey, and the USA.

These tours offer many activities. You have a lot of freedom and can do as many or few of the activities as you like. Travelers enjoy their small mixed group experiences that are a part of cruises offered by the Friendship Travel.

On these cruises there are “Friendship Hosts” who help to break the ice so that you can feel comfortable meeting fellow travelers. There is also a “Chat Room” on board. This is another way to meet other solo travelers if you wish. But there’s no pressure to mingle with the other travelers. Spending time alone along with a little pampering is a great reason to choose Friendship. No single person supplement is charged by Friendship Travel.

Cruise Alongside Solo Travelers of All Ages with the Solitair Cruise Line 

The UK based Solitair Cruise Line bills itself as “The First Choice for Single Travelers.” There are tours for travelers over 30, over 40, and over 50. So, this cruise line is good for solo travelers who don’t mind mixing with fellow passengers who fall into a different age group.

Perhaps you are looking to meet like-minded singles, for friendship, companionship or maybe something more. Sailing off on a cruise is one of the best suited holiday types for making acquaintanceship that last a lifetime.

On the other hand, this company tailors its activities to make them appropriate for each age group. The activities and tours for the over 30s are challenging and require a certain amount of energy. Whereas some of the activities for the more mature traveler might be less strenuous. Solitair does not charge a single person supplement fee.

Solos – Offering a Wide Range of Solo Holidays Including Cruises  

If some of the cruise line companies’ information is confusing — is this for young partying singles or is this for mature solo women — Solos is here to ease your mind.

Solos recognizes that this is the first-time experience for some of its passengers. The friendly staff welcomes all passengers and makes you feel comfortable. For first time solo cruisers, it can take courage to take that first step. But you will be rewarded by the Solos experience with a relaxed mind and wonderful memories.

The Solos Holiday Company knows that its travelers are all different. Some travelers prefer solitude and pampering. Other people jump into all the activities and tours, ready to do something new and fresh while making new friends. The company divides passengers into the under 50s and the over 50s. This is to help those passengers who want to mingle with people in their same age group.

One thing that stands out in the plethora of cruise companies, is that the Solos Company promises a tour leader for every tour. They work behind the scene to make things run smoothly and to make sure everyone is happy. Solos also provides local guides. They do not charge a single person supplement fee.

European River Cruises for Solo Women Travelers – Riviera Travel

The Riviera Travel Company offers over 90 cruise choices, including offers to many destinations in Asia, the Middle East and Australasia. If you are up for some adventure, they even offer trips to Antarctica. After taking this tour, you can say that you’ve visited all seven continents.

Award winning Riveria has a separate section on their website devoted to solo travelers. If a lazy, relaxed cruise on European rivers is what you are looking for, this is the company for you. Each cruise includes a tour manager who will guarantee that you will have everything you need, and you’ll be happy. They offer a solo passenger yacht cruise to the Adriatic and solo river cruises on the Nile, Danube, Douro and Burgundy.

This is what distinguishes Riviera from other cruise companies. It takes pride in how much attention it gives to each passenger and has been recognised as one of the leading travel companies for single and solo travelers.  The Riviera Travel Company does not charge a single person supplement fee.

Passion for Cruises Cares About Solo Travelers!

I just discovered this company and highly recommend it for any woman who is looking to book a solo cruise. Passion for Cruises are based in the UK. They have been voted Wales Top Agency for 2 years running and have over 50 years experience in selling cruises from the UK to the Mediterranean, Caribbean and all destinations worldwide.

Their Solo Cruise Forum Facebook page is a wealth of information. They offer new cruises specifically priced for solo cruisers every day!  The choices are amazing and the pricing remarkable.  There customer service team is fabulous and incredibly helpful. Based on my own personal experience with Passion for Cruises, I would highly recommend them.

Which travel company offering solo tours and cruises appeals to you the most? Why? What are your top priorities when choosing a cruise company?



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