I am a hat woman. Always have been. Even during my moments of dramatic clothes downsizing, my full color spectrum collection of berets always were given special dispensation!  So, now that i am cruising more often, I have discovered not only the practical side of hats but the beautiful fashion opportunities they offer!

Hats Make People Smile – At You and With You! 

Putting aside for a moment the sun protection benefits and the fashion statement they make, hats are smile magnets. People who wear hats just seem to have that outgoing and welcoming personality that other travellers enjoy. Also, they are perfect for those introverts amongst us that like a little privacy. There is nothing like a wide brimmed hat to create an air of magic and mystery!

Hats Protect You From the Sun

Dermatologists always say that for normal people. sunscreen alone isn’t enough protection from the sun. So hats are the perfect solution. And as we know, when travelling and cruising the weather can change dramatically in seconds, so it is a great idea to have a hat tucked away in your suitcase. Having said that, there are always opportunities to pick up a lovely new hat if the sun decides to make an appearance.

When I was recently in Porto the weather was far sunnier than I expected, but I was able to pick up a great hat from a market stall for 5 euros!   My blonde hair and sensitive scalp were saved by this hat as I took a wonderful ride on an open topped tuk tuk around the city.

You can always wear a baseball cap or scarf, but why limit yourself! For sunshine i would suggest that your hat should ideally have a wide rim and be made from a very tight weave or made of canvas or some other tightly woven material. Here is the hat I found in Porto!

Hats of course can also be used for rain protection too. A good waterproof hat is worth its weight in gold and this wide brimmed bucket hat is both stylish and functional! These waterproof hats scrunch up beautifully and add hardly any weight to your suitcase.

For example, if you are planning a trip to Norway that stops for a shore excursion in Bergen, trust me this hat (along with a lightweight rain poncho) will be the most useful item you will included in your cruise wardrobe.

Hats are Fashionable, Sexy and Fun!

Putting aside the functional properties of a hat, let’s not forget they just incredibly attractive and can be extremely flattering.  They can also save us from serious bad hair days!  As we get a little older our hair gets thinner and more fly away in general.

So, if in addition to the natural tendency of your hair to be a little ‘crazy’ some days,  you may find yourself in windy cruise conditions. So you can always go for this look which by the way received more positive comments on my She Cruises Instagram page than any picture I’ve ever posted!

Enjoy cruising with the sun shining in your face and your hair framed by a gorgeous hat!

Please share your passion for hats! Do you have a favorite? Where did you purchase it? 


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