Packing light means that you might want to leave the content of your makeup bag at home. But that doesn’t have to mean that you must give up your makeup routine. A trick that always works for me is to grab a makeup palette.

There are so many convenient makeup palettes that include not only eye shadow but blush, mascara, setting powder, lipstick and brushes as well. Having everything in one place is a creative way to go and a fun way to pack for a cruise!

Here are 6 of the best makeup palettes that I think are perfect for cruising.

The Ulta Beauty Fold Out Face Palette

If you love the neutral looks, then this palette is the one that you will want to slip in your travel makeup bag. The package is small and lightweight, which is why I recommend it as a must-have for your cruise. It has a total of 4 neutral shades, which you can layer in a versatile way. It has one dark shade of eye shadow, that you can apply as an eyeliner.

This Ulta Beauty Palette puts focus on the face makeup. If you put your face makeup before everything else and want to look fresh, then this one is your pick. The good thing is that you can do a full-face makeup with only one compact palette. You will find a great concealer which so helpful if you have any imperfections to cover. Also, you will appreciate the fact that there are two tones for contouring, two blushers, and one highlighter. A great kit!

Jane Iredale Pure & Simple Makeup Kit

If the reviews are anything to go by, passionate travellers love this palette. It has everything that you need in one compact package. Jane Iredale offers a comprehensive line of mineral makeup. So, in this makeup palette you will find a mineral foundation, cheek stain, and eye shadow.

What makes this palette unique is that it comes in 5 different palette shades adjusted to different skin tones, so you will be able to pick the convenient one for you. However, there is a choice of only two eye shadows: light for highlighting the eye, and one dark for adding depth. This is all you need, but if you want to have a wider choice of eye shadow tones you should skip this one.

PÜR Love Your Selfie 2 Makeup Palette

If you want to fit your whole makeup bag in a single palette, then PÜR was thinking of you while creating this one. As soon as you open it, you will be surprised to find out that it has products for eyes, cheeks, and lips in only one small package.

In this beautiful PUR palette, there is a beautiful set of eight neutral eye shadows, that range from ivory to dark brown. Three of them are matte and the rest have a glossy finish. You can find one beautiful taupe shade that is excellent for the creases. And a feature that I love is that the set includes one tiny mascara.

This kit has one very unusual ingredient. It includes a baking powder that helps set your makeup for that perfect selfie! It features a matte bronzer and highlighter in a gorgeous peach tone. The kit includes 8 eye shadows, a shiny lip gloss and matte lip pencil.

Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette

Stila offers a beautiful palette for eyes and cheeks. If you don’t want to be limited on eye shadow tones and cheek stain, then this is the one that you should consider. There are 5 neutral warm toned eye shadows and 2 gorgeous blushes in pink and peach. One other nice feature is that is comes in 3 different color themes – fair/light, light/medium and medium/tan.

The palette does not include a bronzer, liner or mascara but it you are looking for a great choice of eye and cheek products, this is the palette to consider in my opinion.

Clinique All in One Colour Palette for Women

Clinique is a wonderfully established line and as expected they have created a makeup palette that is practical and elegant!  If you are looking for the palette that will replace your whole makeup bag, then this is it. The reviews are very high for this Clinique All in One Set.

There are 5 shimmery warm-toned eye shadows and 5 highly pigmented long-lasting lipsticks and one blush shade. The blush has a nice rose peachy hue that will bring a radiant glow and includes a small fluffy brush so no need to bring additional makeup brushes. There is also an eye shadow brush and lip liner as well as a tiny mascara. The case is gorgeous and includes a mirror for easy application.

In the Balm of Your Hand

This is a fun and colourful palette, with a built-in mirror on the inner part of the lid. You get a wide choice of colours for your eyes and cheeks. The eye shadows can be blended and are multi functional as well. Two of them are dark enough so that they can be used as an eyeliner. This is the perfect thing if you want to put the accent on the eyes, but don’t want to bring an additional eyeliner.

The Balm of Your Hand set includes lightest shimmery eye shadow can be used as a highlighter as well. Two more beautiful tones are here, one is light pink and the other is a nice dusty rose color. But you will be surprised to find two more pink eye shadow tones can double as a blush. The set also includes mascara!

If you love to experiment while keeping your makeup look in neutral and pinky hues, then this palette will amaze you. You might want to bring your makeup brushes because this one doesn’t have any. Here a link to a fun video on how to use the Balm in Your Hand set.

There are many other lovely makeup palettes that are perfect for cruising, but hopefully these have inspired you to try this light packing approach instead of carrying a heavy makeup bag.

Do you have a favourite makeup palette? Please share!

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