Day One

My home for the next 12 days! Anticipating and hoping for moments of spectacular light and hours of solid darkness. What an adventure!

Favorite picture from a day in Bergen!

Just a little light Norwegian snow as we leave Bergen for Alesund. Smooth night sailing looking forward to a fabulous day!

Fabulous ship here is a short tour of the Hurtigruten MS Nordlys, starting with my cabin and then a wander round the ship!

Day Two

Doors in Alesund were beautifully ornate in Art Nouveau style. Reconstructions blending with the architectural style for which this beautiful Norwegian town is famous!

Day Three

Blue mussels fresh from the Norwegian Coastal waters.

Just crossed the Arctic Circle and heading north to Tromso! Chasing the Northern Lights has been a real experience. For 2 nights (at around 1am) we have received the alert that the Northern Lights are visible. So coats, gloves and boots on and up to the top deck!

So far, we’ve only seen only a glow but looking forward to more wonderful showings as we get into darker clear skies! I am using my iPhone with an app I discovered that helps with aperture but for now I am keeping my little frozen fingers crossed for more color and movement!

Day Four

Good morning from Ornes, Norway! Near Bodo, not far from Tromso. Just crossed the Arctic Circle in the middle of nowhere and everywhere!

Imagine this. You have just crossed the Arctic Circle. It is early morning. Cold – about -20. You gather on deck with the captain and about 400 fellow travellers to celebrate and gain the support of Njord, God of the Sea. He promises calm and safe seas ahead. In return he just has to pour ice cubes down your back. I decided it was a fair exchange! It was seriously cold but so much fun!

Day Five

The cruise has been full of midnight adventures! Last night we passed through the Trollfjorden, a narrow passage in the Lofoten Islands. The captain flashed beams of light on the massive ice walls – it was remarkable!

Day Six

Today was the third day the sun has emerged from polar nights (24 hours darkness) in Tromso. The sky was just breathtaking. It was a beautiful day!

Day Seven

Last night at midnight we experienced the magical northern lights! Nothing like the postcards but it’s in my heart forever! Took some pictures with my iPhone using northern light app – nothing like what I saw – but gives you an idea!

Here were some picture from the MS Nordlys Facebook Page to give perspective on what the lights really looked like!

Had a fun day in Honningsvag today! Excursions to the North Cape were cancelled because of bad wind conditions and I got to explore the town. Met some fun older women riding their ‘sparks” or kick sleds. Very cool!

More pictures from Honningsvag. The church was the only building in town that survived WW2. Spectacular icy views! Very rough seas last night but arriving this morning safely in Kirkenes!

Sunrise at Kirkenes 9.38. Sunset in Kirkenes at 1.15pm. Short days.

Day Nine

Today we went on an excursion to Harstad. This was sunrise (with just a tiny photo enhancement.) We experienced spectacular mountain vistas, and visited a medieval church where we recited Psalms 23 together with the pastor. Then by bus on a winding road revealing the character and beauty of Norwegian lifestyle – love of home, heart and nature!


Day Ten

Crossing the Arctic circle right now. We are experiencing rough sea and ice water crashing against the window of the ship! Norway is dark and brooding for half the year and filled with light the other 6 months.

Fabulous stories of trolls and gods who like Odin sacrificed his eye for wisdom and inner sight. Appropriate to be reading Neil Gaiman’s book “Norse Myths”

A spoon of cod liver oil served by the captain, followed by cloud berry liqueur ceremony as we crossed the Artic.

Day Eleven

My passion for the number seven inspired by the Seven Sisters mountains – spectacular skies as we push toward Bergen and the end of this amazing adventure!!

Day Twelve

Well we are approaching Bergen after 12 days at sea. We travelled 5000 km on our floating magic carpet! I kept my sea legs through rough water. Saw an exquisite and rare show of the dancing shimmering lights. Tasted fabulous food, blue mussels and fresh salmon and even salted caramel ice cream! Crossed the Arctic Circle and sang songs in a medieval church!

Enjoyed time with my good friend Kathleen and met many kind and fascinating people who in a strange way became family over the past 12 days. Highly recommend Hurtigruten’s Norway Coastal Voyage – fabulous expedition staff and strong ship. The Nordlys lived up to its name – Northern Lights! Next, a train to Oslo and then on to Zug!

Have you ever taken a Norway cruise? What were your highlights? 







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