She Cruises is different. We focus specifically on women cruisers and particularly those who love to cruise solo.  Women represent a high percentage of cruisers and this is definitely a trend that will continue to grow. It depends on the destination, but on most cruises women outnumber men.  Solo women cruisers are also a growing trend.

We hope to inspire you with conversations about the entire experience of cruising not only the bargains or the ships or excursions but the full spectrum!  The people, perspectives and places that a cruise experience offers.

When I first started cruising as a child in 1956 there was little choice and certainly not the entertainment offerings. Just getting across the ocean safe and sound was the primary goal.

Over the years, the industry has evolved and grown. So, what are the trends 64 years later? What do they see in their crystal ball for 2019?

This is what Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world’s largest cruise industry trade association says. They have just released the 2019 Cruise Trends and State of the Cruise Industry Outlook.

Renew and Rejuvenate

Cruise lines know that many people cruise to escape very stressed and overwhelmingly busy lives. Travellers are looking to disconnect from their always connected lifestyles if only for a few days.

So, cruise lines are adding amazing spa experiences, yoga classes, and great healthy food choices. They are adding fitness centres that are out of this world. The focus in 2019 will be on self-care and wellness experiences.

Experiential Travel

Bucket lists will be including cruises more and more this year. Travel as an experience is the primary goal for many cruisers. It is not just the places where culture and history explored. It is not just the wonderful food, features and entertainment. It is, instead, the entire concept of “experiential travel”.

Whether it’s adventure travel in the Antarctic or a themed cruise to Cuba to enjoy local jazz and culture, people are looking for holistic travel experiences.

Technology is Everywhere!

Cruise passengers will not settle for less when it comes to technology.  Cruisers expect ‘super-fast’ Wi-Fi and tech support as a high priority.

Cruise lines have responded within in the boundaries of sea travel, setting expectations as best they can as far as internet access is concerned. They are doing their best to provide fast internet. They encourage people to use social media to share their cruise experience. But it appears that they will be adding features like key chains, bracelets. Social media in 2019 will be fundamental to the cruise experience. Most every cruise line now has its own App, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page. Cruise bloggers are posting their experiences everywhere!


Instagram is now a way of life in 2019!  With the internet improving on cruise ships people are loading up pictures to online channels like Facebook and Instagram. Fabulous pictures are created by lightweight smartphones. Cruisers are able to share their sea and land adventures with genuine passion.

There is a growing community of Instagram “friends and partners” who take the pictures of committed Instagrammers in wind and snow. On mountain tops and posed on deck, at dinner or in front of breath-taking sunsets! Instagram is a big trend in general in 2019 but particularly on cruises. Even She Cruises has an Instagram page at she_cruises!

Adventure Cruising is Hot

The world is shrinking. Travellers want to reach those out of the way places that only cruise ships can reach. They are prepared to venture into places that have been off limits for years. From Antarctica to the Galapagos and Iceland the world is becoming more accessible thanks to smaller cruise ships and the way cruise lines leverage local talent for tours and authentic shore experiences.

Seasonal and Off-Peak Travel

Many cruisers love to follow the sun and choose the temperature they will enjoy as part of their cruise choice. If they want hot and sunny, they can head off to the Canaries or Bahamas. If they prefer icy peaks, Iceland, the Baltic or a middle of the winter Norwegian cruises (like my trip with Hurtigruten) are an option.

Digital Nomad Way of Life

Many cruise fans are working retirees or young entrepreneurs who have made a lifestyle of combining full or part time work with having fun on the open seas.

A working retiree is someone who has ended their corporate career and is doing part time work to fund their passions. They are cruising to fulfil their bucket lists!

Young travellers who consider themselves to be “digital nomads” are working from wherever they like in the world. They are using cruises as ways to cut down on expenses, make like- minded friends see the world while earning as they go.

These two groups are starting to come together on cruises that include workshops, talks and team building activities. The Nomad Cruise I joined in 2018 was a great example!

As a solo woman traveller in her 60’s the experience of learning from young world travellers as we sailed for 10 days around the Mediterranean was an experience of a lifetime!

Conferences at sea and themed cruises in general are a great way to bring like minded people together. It’s one trend that I support 100% in 2019.

Are you planning a cruise this year? What trends have you noticed in the cruise industry in the last few years? What are some changes and improvement you would like to see cruise lines adopt?








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