I recently came across a website called Cruising Isn’t Just for Old People.  It is a young cruisers community, the brainchild of a beautiful, vivacious, cruise loving woman named Emma.

And she is right. Cruising these days has stretched the edges of the demographic it attracts. There are ships for every style. The ever-growing cruise industry is trying to attract millennials.

Why Millennials Love to Cruise

Most millennials are still working – so they love 3-4-day cruises. These voyages are offered by affordable lines line Costa, MSC P&O, Fred Olsen and others. Emma is always writing about her 4-day cruise escapades, often taken with friends and family. She grabs weekends when she can and writes about her passion for cruising with refreshing joy!

The Average Age of a Typical Cruise Passenger May Surprise You

There is a stereotype that cruising is for ‘old’ people. However, the average age of a cruise passenger is down from 56 in 2002 to 50 in 2011. And today (according to Cruise Lines International Association) the average cruiser is celebrating life at the ripe old age of 49.

Why this drop in average age? The cruise industry has tapped into the adventurous spirit of younger cruisers.  Many cruise ships offer fabulous amenities like on-board climbing walls, magic carpets, floating casinos, nightclubs, and ice spas. This shift in age is discussed in this excellent article.

Theme Cruises and Swinger Celebrations

There are themed cruises for every preference and cruise companies for every pleasure. Take, for example, the clothing-optional Swingers Cruise that markets themselves to “adventurous couples”. They cater to swingers, naturists, and “cougars.”

But the bottom line is that cruise lines—like hotel chains—are trying to find ways to encourage younger travellers to join and expand the 22.2+ million people worldwide expected to take a cruise in 2019.

Older Sailors Can Learn from Younger Cruisers!

It is my opinion that boomers can learn from the habits of younger cruises who have an attitude of discovery, and a lower expectation of their cruise experience. Here are some lessons I think older cruisers can learn from younger ones!

Have an Affordable Mindset

Millennials are all about saving money – just like many boomers are! Young people are totally ok reserving an Inside Cabin. Their strategy is just not to spend much time there. They get out and around the ship and accept it for what it is. If the food is not the best, eat salads! If there is loud music at night, dance to it! They make few comparisons and complaints and celebrate the open sea, interesting people, and sparkling sunsets in the middle of the ocean!!

I had the same experience on my Nomad Cruise with Pullmantur. It was a budget line and had very few frills. But I experienced 5 amazing new places, enjoyed fabulous hospitality and food (and all inclusive drinks) and made friends for life.

Also, I plan to make the absolute most of a budget Greek Celestyal cruise that I will be taking soon!  I don’t expect the wine to be Far Niente, but I am ok with that because as a solo traveller, I get to cruise the Greek Islands for 5 days, for under 1000 Euros.

Lower Your Expectations

There are many budget lines that offer a great ocean experience. Emma recently did a review of the Costa Luminosa and was so complimentary you would have thought she was on the Queen Mary! She jumped in, had a great time.  Her reports are balanced and honest. I have read critical reviews by older cruisers who are in search of both affordability and luxury – which you will only get on a amazing cruise line like Viking.

I have done several river and ocean cruises with Viking and the experiences were just wonderful.

 A Cruise Ship for Every Personality

Some older cruisers like big resort-style ships while others prefer a smaller, quieter vessel. Mediterranean while others like to get off the beaten track and explore more adventure cruises to Iceland, the Arctic or Norway. My own trip to Norway with Hurtigruten was mostly made up of older travellers.

Some peple love educational cruises like those offered by Road Scholar. Others like pure fun and relaxation. Many older cruisers love to dress up and enjoy the captains cocktail evening while others just want a cosy nook to read a book. There really is a cruise for every personality according to this Forbes Magazine analysis.There are some cruise lines that ‘specialize in cruises for over 50’s like Saga and other ‘adult only” ships.

So cruising isn’t just for young people, but they can sometimes remind us about the open minded, love of life, true spirit of cruising.

Do you think that millenials have the right idea about cruising? Do you enjoy cruising with people of all ages or do you prefer a more select style and age?




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