Are you one of those cruisers who finds them self planning the next ocean or river adventure within 24 hours of arriving back home? Or is your idea of a good time sitting down with a bottle of wine and perusing the various cruise offers that come tumbling into your mailbox? They arrive in abundance of course because you have signed up and are scheduled to receive every alert from Cruise Nation to Passion for Cruising.

Travel addicts are also prone to this kind of obsessive booking and planning behaviour, but cruising is different. The addiction is all consuming and almost like drinking water must be enjoyed daily.

Deposit Driven Travel

Most holiday flights and accommodation must be paid for right up front. Not cruises.  After paying your deposit, you then have months to pay off the remaining balance of the cruise. Some ridiculously small deposits like $39 can hold a $1500 cruise for a year. No problem!  This makes obsessive booking so much fun!  I have a cruise booked for November that cost me $100. And even that is refundable 90 days before the cruise.

Pack Once and Wear Many Times

When your departure day arrives and you leap out of the car, bus or taxi to run up to the terminal check in, you say goodbye to your bag and then miraculously see it appear in your stateroom. It lives there unmoved for the length of the cruise. After you unpack once using all the cool tips for saving space and reusing items of clothes, you just have a glass or two of wine and relax.  A little like of scarves and one little black dress can go a long way. Cruising really is stress free when it comes to clothing!

You unpack once and arrive at a brand-new place every day. On board, there are an abundance of helpers to help you with whatever your heart desires. Booking excursions, giving directions around the ship or even helping to book your next cruise. Why wait to get home?

The Technology Just Keeps Getting More Amazing!

I am personally not that fascinated by flying carpets, bungee jumping or roller coasters, but I am intrigued by the idea of virtual staterooms where an inside cabin turns into a balcony just like that or a virtual Alexa type assistant help with every desire. Costa has a cute little robot called Pepper! Remote check in, GPS detectors for kids, radio frequency technology or digital login and help apps. Here is a link to a great article on 11 new tech trends that you don’t know yet will change your life on-board!

A Big, Bold, Beautiful World

I personally think that the reason cruising is so addictive is that we are explorers at heart.  We love to explore new place, people and perspectives. The sea has been the gateway to new discovery, offering fascinating liquid gateways to new worlds.

It seems to be in our DNA to want to explore and discover new places. Yes, we can travel by plane, train, car and foot – but there is something about navigating the world on a ship on the waves that resonates with the adventurous explorer inside us. We are driven to follow the pull of the ocean and obey its siren call!

Where in the world would you like to cruise today?

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