Whenever I cruise, I love to take advantage of the ship’s on board spa. They are a luxurious oasis that I always look forward to. However, because of limited booking availability, a hot stone massage, manicure, pedicure or ‘positive aging’ facial is often very hard to secure and sometimes quite expensive.

So, I often do my own ‘do it yourself’ spa day in the luxury of my own cabin. Now, if you, like me, tend to book the most affordable inside cabin, there are some things you can do to make it feel more spacious and special.

Flowers Make Even the Smallest Cabin Feel Luxurious and Special

When I took a recent Norwegian Hurtigruten Cruise, my friend Kathleen and I made flowers the first decorative addition to our room. At the first stop, we each bought a bunch of flowers and created our little home away from home. I also always bring colourful magnets and pin vibrant scarves to the wall to add a bit of kasbah colour! Here is how our decorative skills evolved.

Make Pampering On Board a Purposeful Passion

So, once the room is prepared, I then try to schedule my do it yourself spa session on a ‘sea day’ so that I have something fun to look forward and combine a gentle massage or facial with a day of reading, relaxing and unwinding. Here are some of the products and things I do to engage all my senses!

Blissful Sounds

Music is important for setting the mood and despite my passion for music of all kinds, I always tend to go one of two directions. The first is the classic spa music with birds chirping and waterfalls gently flowing over rugged mountains and through flower filled valleys!

I actually have recorded my own nature sounds from a recent trip to Bali, but you can find wonderful meditative sound recordings like this one on YouTube. If you aren’t able to get internet, then consider downloading some tunes before you sail.

The other is Andrea Bocelli singing anything. Like this. Say no more.

Do It Yourself Facial with Korean Wonder Products

I very rarely give myself time at home for a facial. And to be honest, when you pay $50 for a facial in a salon it’s more about the surrender to stillness and scent and touch than the price of the products.

I love a Korean brand called Innisfree – for under $30 you can get a selection of 18 of their wonderful sheet masks. The set includes ‘flavours’ like Aloe, Acai, Bamboo, Broccoli, Cucumber, Coconut, Fig, Green Tea, Ginseng, Manuka Honey, Lime, Oatmeal, Rice, Rose, Pomegranate, Shea Butter, Tea tree & Tomato. My favourite is Pomegranate!

 Facial Serums and Acupressure Exercises

If you don’t’ want to do a facial with a sheet mask you can always just try doing some facial exercise with a beautiful facial serum like by go to product Growing Younger Gracefully.  You can watch an interview I did on Sixty and Me with Sheena Sarles on easy and beautiful acupressure face exercises     

Massage Those Beautiful Tired Toes!  

Cruising involves a lot of movement. From the cabin to the restaurant for endless servings of wonderful food. Or those lovely but often tiring shore excursions where the recommended daily 10,000 steps are exceeded every time!

Walking on cobblestones and uneven surfaces is hard on your feet. So, why not make a foot soak and self- massage a part of your personal do it yourself spa experience. Here is a foot soak product by Opi I’ve used and love!

Add to that a glass of wine, manicure, and a gentle swim and you have prepared your body for relaxing and rejuvenating day. Perfect for lying in your pretend spa environment of on deck with a favourite book.

Do you love creating a special environment in your cruise cabin? What things do you do to pamper yourself on a cruise sea day?  

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