Antarctica is a destination that not many would consider for their next cruise. Travelling to this remote location is possible, however. A variety of companies provide cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula. Here is a list of 5 Antarctic Cruises from Cruise Critic. They include Hurtigruten, Ponant, Abercrombie and Kent and Silversea. Most people report an experience of a lifetime!

If you want to seek adventure and lose yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is certainly a type of cruise to consider. You may not know what to expect during a journey to the ends of the earth – read on to find out as we discuss 5 things you will experience on an Antarctic cruise:

A Different Kind of Cruise Ship

An Antarctic ship is not your typical vessel. If you are expecting a huge ship packed full of amenities, shops, and attractions, this is not the cruise for you! Antarctic cruise ships are usually ex-icebreakers that have been refurbished to accommodate cruise passengers.

The ships are extremely comfortable, even luxurious. The amenities, however, are limited. This doesn’t really matter, however – An Antarctic cruise is all about the journey, the sights, and the experience; not the cruise ship itself.

Zodiac Boat Shore Landings

To prevent damage to the Antarctic landscape, your cruise ship will not actually dock close to land. Because of this, shore landings are generally undertaken in zodiac boats. These are a small motorised craft that can tackle the sometimes rough sea conditions. Entering and exiting a zodiac boat is straightforward, but you may sometimes have to wait for waves to subside.

The World’s Most Unpredictable Seas

An Antarctic cruise can only be described as an adventure. In most instances, your boat will depart from Ushuaia in Argentina. It will then cross the legendary Drake’s Passage – this is one of the most revered stretches of water in the world.

Crossing the Drake’s Passage is a highlight for many travelers. Once you leave the relative calm of the Beagle Channel, the sea can become unpredictable. It is not uncommon to see waves crashing against the ship. Moreover, the journey can be rocky. Even if you don’t get seasick, pre-preemptively taking sea-sickness tablets is advised!

Pristine Untouched Wilderness

Few people travel to the white continent. Aside from the handful of cruises that travel here each year, the only other inhabitants are researchers.

Due to this fact, Antarctica remains largely untouched. Its natural features remain unharmed and it is thus a stunning natural beauty. Imagine sailing past towering icebergs that dwarf your cruise ship and glimmer in the sun.

Consider witnessing vast ice-sheets that stretch for miles, unbroken and pure. If you have a deep appreciation of the natural world, an Antarctic cruise will truly open your eyes in wonder.

Wildlife On An Immense Scale

Aside from the breath-taking wilderness, Antarctica is also home to a myriad of sea creatures and animals. When sailing through the Antarctic Peninsula, expect to see different species of whales and seals.

Moreover, the land is home to vast penguin colonies. Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adele penguins in their thousands call Antarctica their home. Walking among these colonies is a special event – the sights and sounds are like nothing else you will experience.

If you are looking for a different type of holiday, travelling to Antarctica is certainly an unforgettable experience. The whole trip will present you with moments of awe and wonder and the memories you make will last a lifetime.

Have you ever taken an Antarctic cruise? What was the most amazing aspect of your adventure? What line did you cruise? Would you recommend it? 

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